National Breast Cancer Coalition

Advocacy Training

The NBCC Center for Advocacy Training

What is it?

The Center for NBCC Advocacy Training has developed programs to teach breast cancer activists the strategic and evidence-based approach to advocacy that NBCC has pioneered. By offering premier, targeted training in breast cancer science and public policy, the Center readies breast cancer advocates to become agents of action and change in the mission to eradicate breast cancer.

Who is it for?

The Center programs are offered at all skill and experience levels, and are taught by outstanding faculty from renowned research and academic institutions. Whether you are a new advocate just starting out, or an experienced advocate seeking continuing education, you will find a program that suits your needs.

Participants in the Center:

Develop tools to advocate for critical breast cancer issues; learn the legislative process and how to influence public policy; and participate in legislative, scientific and policy decision-making.

Graduates of the Center:

Collaborate with leading breast cancer scientists; speak out on breast cancer research and quality care issues; review breast cancer research proposals; serve on local, state and national panels, committees, and institutional review boards; and push for quality care and health care access to better serve their communities. NBCC’s organizational mandate is to train and develop a strong, knowledgeable, nationwide network of breast cancer advocates.

Advocate Training Courses:

Annual Advocate Summit: NBCC’s national gathering of breast cancer advocates from across the country and around the world. Participants attend sessions on the latest scientific research, training in effective advocacy strategies, and presentations by respected researchers in the field, grassroots leaders from around the country and prominent public policy experts.

Project LEAD®: Science training for activists on the fundamentals of breast cancer science, research design, and the critical thinking skills needed to participate in the research decision-making process. NBCC research advocate certification available for advocates at the advanced levels.

Team Leaders: By invitation only: Political leadership training course for activists working on legislative and public policy issues.