National Breast Cancer Coalition

2013 Annual Report

2013 was a difficult, rewarding, sad and meaningful year for the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC), as you will see in the Annual Report video.

Our Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® campaign continued to build support and attracted global attention from London to Qatar. We accelerated innovation in breast cancer research through our participation in three important clinical trials while also moving forward our own Artemis Project® collaborations—one to develop a preventive breast cancer vaccine and the other focused on tumor dormancy. At the same time, we pursued tactics to leverage government resources to end breast cancer; our landmark legislation, the Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act, was reintroduced in both houses of Congress and garnered significant bipartisan support. The Center for NBCC Advocacy Training educated advocates at our Leadership Summit and Project LEAD® and through our new Online Center.
These accomplishments are important as we advance toward our goal of knowing how to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020. Equally important is your continued support. We are extraordinarily grateful to our friends and donors whose contributions make all of this work possible. I would welcome the opportunity to share more information with you about the programs described in the Annual Report video and I hope you will consider supporting the National Breast Cancer Coalition.
Thank you for continuing to believe in us.
Be well,

Fran Visco