National Breast Cancer Coalition

Call to Action Online - April 2012

33 Days Until the Rally! 

Saturday May 5, the National Breast Cancer Coalition will open its Annual Advocate Summit with an adrenalin-pumping, invigorating, electrifying Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® Rally! As a participant, you’ll feel the energy of our movement and be inspired by the state-by-state report of accomplishments by our grassroots. You’ll also hear NBCC President Fran Visco deliver her Summit address. You won’t want to miss it! There’s still time to join us! Register now!

This rally is about you! The success of the rally is dependent upon your participation.

We know not everyone who wants to can join us in Washington. That’s why we are bringing the rally to you through the power of the Internet. Through our social media efforts, you can participate as if you were actually in the room! During April, send us videos, stories or photos that demonstrate the actions you’ve taken to help us end breast cancer. We will highlight them in our social media throughout the rally. Then, be sure to tune in at 4:00 pm on May 5 to watch our newsfeed on Facebook and Twitter so you can learn, engage and share in this exciting event while it happens. Be sure to post your shout outs, talk to us and cheer on other advocates who are also working to help us achieve Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®—the end of breast cancer by January 1, 2020.

If you’re planning to be at the Rally, we’ve got some important instructions we’d like to share with you. Read more…

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What’s An Advocate?

In her latest column on the Huffington Post, The Power of Advocacy in a City Where Power Is Everything, NBCC President Fran Visco describes how she became a breast cancer advocate. "In September of 1987 I was a successful lawyer in Philadelphia, advocating for my clients, for social justice and women's rights. I was also a wife and the mother of a 14-month old son. Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer."

And as she points out, "a diagnosis of breast cancer changes your life, not your character."

Strength of character is something shared by many of our advocates who have fought to end breast cancer since NBCC’s inception in 1991.

We encourage you to join the nearly 1,000 women and men who will come to Washington this May to participate in thought-provoking discussions throughout the Summit. As we prepare for our Annual Advocate Summit (formerly our Annual Advocacy Training Conference), we are calling on NBCC board members and veteran advocates, Project LEAD® graduates and Emerging Leaders, respected researchers in the field and prominent public policy experts to help bring out the best in us all.

Whether you put your knowledge into practice on May 8 during our annual Lobby Day event, or back in your communities in the months to come, you will be changed by the experience of the NBCC Annual Advocate Summit. You will understand more clearly our strategic plan of action to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020—Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®—and you will feel the sense of urgency behind the deadline.

Put your advocacy into action. Register now to join us at the Summit and then join us on Lobby Day.

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