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Call to Action Online - April 2014

NBCC Leads the Way on Breast Cancer Research

The Artemis Project®

Last month, NBCC held the annual meetings for our Artemis Project® to develop a preventive breast cancer vaccine and our Artemis Project® on the causes and prevention of metastasis. We are thrilled by the progress we are making through both projects. We are rapidly moving toward a Phase I trial on a preventive vaccine and a real plan to address the question of why tumor cells remain dormant for varying periods of time, only to show up as lethal metastasis. At the Artemis Project® meeting, researchers and advocates heard a few presentations and much discussion about how and when we can intervene to stop that process. We are asking bold, innovative questions and we are excited by the caliber of the scientists who want to work with us to answer them.

The DOD Program

NBCC’s history of influence in breast cancer research was highlighted in an article published by Science Magazine, “The Advocate.” The article described NBCC’s role in pushing for “high-risk, high-reward research and studies that affect cancer patients’ lives,” noting that it was NBCC that convinced Congress 22 years ago to put $210 million and launch a new breast cancer research program—now the well known and well respected Department of Defense (DOD) Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP). As a result of NBCC’s grassroots advocacy and leadership, Congress has appropriated more than $3 billion for breast cancer research through the DOD budget. NBCC’s President Fran Visco involvement in the program is one reason why she has earned the characterization as “the most influential nonscientist ever in the field of breast cancer research.”

At the end of March, many of you contacted your representatives urging them to sign this year’s  Congressional Letter of Support for continued funding of the DOD BCRP. Thanks to your efforts, this year’s letter has 147 signers. Please check the list of those members of the House who signed the letter here. Please thank each one of your state's Members*  who signed.

*To look up your Representative, click here

 We cannot afford to sit back and pat ourselves on the back, nor elevate science to a level exempt from informed criticism if we want to make progress in saving lives. Part of NBCC’s role in Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® is to look critically at scientific research and to encourage researchers and the public to think critically too.

In addition to the Science Magazine article, last month Visco was interviewed for a Washington Post article titled, “Making sense of new studies questioning mammograms: Is the test worth having?” She expanded on those thoughts in a Huffington Post blog, “Should I Get a Mammogram? What Are Women Supposed to Do?” Visco explained the limitations of mammography, that the practice can lead to over diagnosis and overtreatment, and that women should weigh the benefits and harms before making their own personal decision about whether to undergo mammography screening. Similarly, NBCC released a statement on the results of the recently published Canadian National Breast Screening Study, which found that mammography screening does not significantly reduce mortality and often leads to overtreatment for women under 60.

NBCC Announces 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit Program, Speakers

The 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit is on the horizon—just a month away—and we are thrilled that so many diverse, knowledgeable and fascinating speakersand advocateswill join us in Washington this May.

We are very excited to announce that Andy Burnett, founder and CEO of Knowinnovation Ltd, will open the 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit program with an innovative activity to get our creative juices flowing. Andy is an expert on creative problem solving and will apply his talents to getting Summit attendees to think creatively about Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®.

Other renowned speakers include Stephen Friend, Carolyn Lukensmeyer, Susan Love and Paul Davies. We have many others lined up to present on a diverse selection of topics ranging from the breast cancer research landscape to Twitter advocacy and how you can get more involved. Learn more about the 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit program here.

Do not miss this unique opportunity to interact with outstanding speakers and advocate leaders. Come ask questions and share your ideas! You can help shape the conversation around Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. But time is running out! Register for the 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit today.

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