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Call to Action Online - December 2013

A Message from NBCC President Fran Visco

Dear Friends,  

When we set a deadline to end breast cancer, we knew it would be difficult to achieve and controversial to try. But we are well on our way, and that is in large part because of you.

Because of  your generosity and support, we have made much progress toward achieving the goals of Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®.

Today is Giving Tuesday. NBCC is participating in this new campaign to launch a global day of giving. Watch this video we are sharing with the world. Giving Tuesday is a day that underscores the importance of giving to the causes that carry meaning with us personally. I know you and I are committed to doing all we can to stop deaths from breast cancer. Giving Tuesday also is a day that reminds us what the giving season is all about—about making the world a better place for you and me, our children and grandchildren. That has been NBCC’s goal since it’s inception. We want to save women’s lives by ending breast cancer. With six years left in our Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® campaign, I know that I can continue to count on your support in the future.

Thank you for being part of this movement, thank you for your generosity and thank you for supporting the National Breast Cancer Coalition.  


Fran Visco
National Breast Cancer Coalition

A Year of Progress Toward Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®

NBCC made great strides in 2013. Whether the advancements were being made in research, public policy, advocate education or the media, NBCC has been leading the way to know how to end breast cancer.

NBCC is an organization of individuals who think outside the box and ask the big questions in breast cancer. How can we prevent breast cancer? Why does breast cancer spread to other places in the body and how can we stop it? This year, we got closer to knowing the answers to those big questions.

Here are just a few examples of our progress:

  • NBCC, with support from the National Philanthropic Trust (NPT), awarded its third seed grant to Dr. Gregory Hannon and Dr. H. Kim Lyerly, who will collaborate on efforts to evaluate the biology of human ductal carcimona in situ (DCIS) through sequencing (RNAseq).
  • NBCC expanded the group of visionary scientists working together in the Artemis Project to develop a preventive vaccine and to prevent metastasis.
  • NBCC working with its Artemis team began the preclinical planning and implementation for a vaccine.
  • NBCC held its first meeting for the Artemis Project® on the Causes and Prevention of Metastasis.
  • NBCC also announced collaboration with BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc., to develop BioMarin’s PARP inhibitor for the treatment of hereditary breast cancer with BRCA mutations.
  • NBCC convened a unique group of leaders at its Inaugural Advocate Leadership Summit in February, bringing veteran and new advocates together to gain leadership skills and the opportunity to take part in small group interactions with researchers and thought leaders.
  • NBCC graduated a new group of Project LEAD® advocates following the Institute in July where they learned about cancer biology, genetics, epidemiology, research design and advocacy.
  • NBCC advocates expanded our endorsement work to local, state and federal public officials.
  • NBCC’s landmark legislation, The Accelerating the End of Breast Cancer Act was reintroduced in the 113th Congress.
  • NBCC’s Petition to the President of the United States was delivered to the White House in November.
  • NBCC increased its presence on social media by training advocates how to tweet, encouraging advocates to help make #BCD2020 a trending topic in October, and branching out to other social media platforms like YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram.

 NBCC has accomplished a great deal in 2013, and we are excited to begin a new year.  We are advocates, women and men with breast cancer and those who care about ending it. Become a leader in this movement. Registration is open for the 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit. Don’t miss this opportunity to get advanced leadership training and interact with scientists, thought leaders, innovators and visionaries. NBCC will continue its progress on the Artemis Project® for a Preventive Breast Cancer Vaccine and we will reconvene our Artemis Project® on the Causes and Prevention of Metastasis.

We will work very closely on the clinical trials for BioMarin’s PARP inhibitor. And we will ask Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® advocates across the country and around the world to help us get the word out about the clinical trial. Some advocates will have an opportunity to review the data from the trial.

While we are making progress—and we are excited about that—we do not yet know how to end breast cancer. We have six years until our deadline. All of us at NBCC look forward to another year of great progress toward our goal.

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