National Breast Cancer Coalition

Call to Action Online - January 2013

Resolve to End Breast Cancer

In 2010, NBCC set a deadline – Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® – that by January 1, 2020, we will know how to end breast cancer. This month, we are seven years from that deadline. It’s not too late to make a resolution to stand with NBCC in 2013 and help take steps to end breast cancer once and for all. What will you do this year to move us closer to our goal of ending breast cancer?

Join the National Action Network. With activist organizations and individuals in every state, this far-reaching grassroots network is comprised of women and men who want to build support for Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® within their communities and ensure that we reach our goal. Please join the National Action Network today and receive Action Alerts with information about concrete things you can do to advance the cause of ending breast cancer.

The action might consist of making a phone call, signing a petition, sending an email to a member of Congress or perhaps a letter to the editor of your local paper. NBCC will provide the information you need to take effective action.

One action you can take right away is to sign our Presidential Petition and encourage the President to commit to making the end of breast cancer a national priority. If you’ve already signed the petition, share it with your friends and family either by sharing this link – – or by printing out a copy.

Other Actions To Take:

An Invitation to Make History

A deadline changes everything! With only seven years remaining until we reach January 1, 2020, we need leadership for Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® now more than ever. Our 2013 efforts will be focused on building leadership at all levels and among all stakeholders. As a result, we will not be holding our annual advocacy training conference. We will hold the Inaugural Advocate Leadership Summit.

Take advantage of this new opportunity to lead. You can help by getting more and more members of your community engaged in the effort to end breast cancer by 2020. Individuals who commit to playing a leadership role and raise $1,000 or more in support of Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® are invited to attend the Inaugural Advocate Leadership Summit in the nation’s capital, May 4-7, 2013. (There are no registration fees and registration includes three nights of shared lodging at the Summit hotel.)

There will be many avenues available for advocacy and education this year, from Project LEAD® to our expanded Online Center for Advocacy Training, as well as our annual Lobby Day (look for more details soon including information about online lobby day briefings and other updates). However, the Inaugural Advocate Leadership Summit will be a completely unique experience that you do not want to miss. You will:

  • Learn the details of the Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® Blueprint and plan of action
  • Interact with scientists, thought leaders and innovators in small, intimate groups
  • Sit down with top researchers in prevention and metastasis
  • Discuss the post-election White House and Congress with public policy experts and then apply your knowledge on Capitol Hill in meetings with your members of Congress on Lobby Day
  • Develop life-long leadership skills and create individual year-long action plans to mobilize and engage your community in Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®

Join the world’s foremost breast cancer leaders for three days of deep discussions on what’s new, what’s worth it, and how each of us can make history. Come listen, learn and engage in transforming ideas into actions that we can spread community by community throughout the country and around the world. To register, all you need to do is create a personal fundraising page to participate in this global effort. Sign up today by visiting

Sign the Petition to the President

and make the end of breast cancer a national priority.

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