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NBCC’s Declaration of Innovation

This month as we celebrate our nation’s birth and our Declaration of Independence, the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBCC) has its own declaration—a Declaration of Innovation.

Our Founding Fathers inspired a revolutionary movement for independence from a system that wasn’t working in the 13 colonies. Now NBCC's Founding Mothers and advocates are inspiring a movement for innovation that is shaking the breast cancer system so that by the end of the decade, we will know how to end this disease.

This week, follow us on social media and share our videos and badges as we issue our Declaration of Innovation. Post your own declarations in support of innovative advancements in breast cancer. Or share your own innovative and revolutionary ideas about what we need to do to achieve Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. NBCC is on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In the spirit of revolutionary innovation, last month, NBCC held its first meeting for the Artemis Project® on the Causes and Prevention of Metastasis. As we have done in the past, we invited visionary thinkers and stakeholders representing diverse fields such as immunology, mathematics and modeling, cancer biology, and physical sciences among others, to collaborate with advocates in the development of a strategic approach to the issue.

Participants at the meeting focused on the process that results in lethal spread of breast cancer, asking, "how can we stop that from happening?"

There is much we do not know, because the questions have not been asked. Until now. While the meeting had been planned around the issue of tumor dormancy, the discussions were far-reaching but generally focused on three areas: 

  • What role might metabolism play in the metastatic process?
  • How does our immune system affect tumor dormancy and the metastatic process?
  • How can we create models that will help us understand the characteristics of residual disease and that will inform our approach to preventing metastasis?

Upon her return from the meeting, NBCC President Fran Visco noted, "I was quite impressed with the conversation, thought and creativity from all of the participants and the confirmation that this is an issue that has had inadequate attention to date, but is vital to ending breast cancer."

A full report of the meeting is being written and will be available later this year. This meeting, and NBCC’s initial work on preventing metastasis, is partially funded through generous grants from the Vance Wall Foundation and an anonymous donor.

"We are extraordinarily grateful to them for their continued support of NBCC through the years and their commitment to this important project in particular," said Visco. 


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Member support also enables NBCC to continue to monitor and report on the progress of our work and that of others in breast cancer while also advocating for government to channel resources toward these efforts, thereby challenging the status quo to end the disease by January 1, 2020.

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