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Call to Action Online - November 2014

National Breast Cancer Coalition to Honor the Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, Cindi Leive and Two NBCC Advocates at the Annual New York Gala

On Wednesday, November 19, NBCC will honor The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton along with Cindi Leive, Glamour Editor-In-Chief and NBCC advocates Ghecemy Lopez and Wanda Lucas at the Annual New York Gala.

These awards recognize individuals who have made a true difference in the world of breast cancer and embody the spirit of NBCC—passionate, relentless and mission-driven. NBCC is pleased to recognize them for their leadership and the extraordinary work they have done toward ending breast cancer.

“The New York Gala is always a special event. This year I am particularly pleased that the National Breast Cancer Coalition is presenting a special award to Former Secretary Clinton, commemorating her unmatched history of commitment and support to our mission to end breast cancer,” said Fran Visco, President of NBCC. “I am also excited that we are honoring Cindi Leive for her leadership and dedication, along with Ghecemy Lopez and Wanda Lucas, our grassroots advocate awardees for their support of Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. All of these women embody the spirit of disruptive innovation required to achieve true social change.”

 The Gala, chaired by Revlon President and CEO Lorenzo Delpani and hosted by model and actress Bridget Moynahan, is a moving and fun evening for a great cause. The event is less than two weeks away! Purchase your tickets today.

Tweets of the Month

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Can't get enough of @ModernFam? Bid on a visit to the set and help achieve #BCD2020!

Check out this @BeyondPinkTeam video promoting #BCD2020 #BCSM

Featured @Deadline2020 course: Articulating Complex Ideas Effectively #BCD2020

Breast Cancer Awareness Month Wrap-up: Local Activism

To make Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® a reality, the National Breast Cancer Coalition relies on our advocates across the country to get the word out. This year during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, many of you took advantage of the public’s focus on breast cancer to spread the word about the deadline. Here’s a quick look at some of the NBCC advocate activism that took place last month:

Several advocates went straight to the media and published op-eds and letters to the editor in their local papers. Below are a few examples.

National Breast Cancer Coalition makes advances in deadline to (know how to) end breast cancer by 2020 – Imperial Valley Press

Time to End Breast Cancer for GoodFlorida-Times Union

Deadline 2020: The fight to end death from Breast CancerEagle-Tribune

For help writing your own op-ed, click here.

NBCC board member organization, Cedar Valley Cancer Committee, created a fantastic PSA for Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. The video was shown during halftime at football and volleyball games at University of Northern Iowa.The Georgia Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, also a board member organization, created a video that shares the facts about breast cancer and promotes the deadline.

 In Duluth, Minnesota, Mayor Don Ness not only endorsed the deadline, but held a press conference announcing his commitment. Thank you very much to our advocates in Minnesota!

A group of our California advocates successfully worked to get Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® air time on an electronic billboard in Brawley, CA. The message will air once per hour for the entire month of November.

Several advocates reported that they gave presentations and/or distributed Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® materials at their community centers, workplaces, houses of worship, political events and even in their own homes.

There were many other outreach efforts and we are grateful to all of you for doing such great work in the field. We cannot achieve Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® without you!

Help Us Honor the Women and Men We Have Lost to Breast Cancer

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Honoring The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton, Cindi Leive, Ghecemy Lopez and Wanda Lucas

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