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Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®: A Year Later and Many Milestones Crossed

It’s been a little more than a year since we set a deadline to end breast cancer—Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. In this first year, we have met a number of milestones in our action plan and we continue to push toward new goals. We have shared news with you about our Summit on Prevention of Metastatic Breast Cancer. We’ve communicated with you about the Artemis Project® meeting. We’ve distributed to you copies of our first Progress Report: Ending Breast Cancer: A Baseline Status Report. Many of you have joined us On the Clock and signed our Petition to the President.

The result: the conversation about breast cancer is changing everywhere.

Earlier this month, we met yet another milestone—we held our Summit on Primary Prevention of Breast Cancer.

Similar to our Summit on Prevention of Metastatic Breast Cancer, the Summit on Primary Prevention of Breast Cancer, held October 1-3, brought together a diverse group of academic, government, and industry scientists with advocates to develop new approaches for understanding how to prevent the disease by the end of the decade. The goal of the Summit was to encourage stakeholders to view breast cancer development from different perspectives, and to collaborate with advocates in developing creative, new approaches toward prevention.

Prior to the Summit, a planning committee surveyed leading scientists in the field as well as outside innovators to assess current research on prevention and  identify key Summit participants to invite. During the Summit, the 40 participants broke into four working groups to develop wide-ranging ideas that were refined during large group discussions.

Science writers who were in attendance at the Summit are working with NBCC staff to complete a report of the Summit proceedings and outcomes.

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The 31 Truths About Breast Cancer

In her blog on the Huffington Post this month, NBCC President Fran Visco explains that there are many facts about breast cancer that are misunderstood or misrepresented to the general public. If we want to make real progress toward saving lives and ending breast cancer—and we do—we need to better understand the reality of the disease at all levels.

That is why this October, NBCC is helping the public get the Truth About Breast Cancer. Beginning October 1 and continuing every day throughout the month, we are releasing a new Truth About Breast Cancer. We encourage you to sign up to receive a daily email. Share the truth with your friends and family. Post the truth on your Facebook page. Tweet the truth to your followers on Twitter. Talk about the truth with your doctors and support groups. Knowing the truth won’t hurt women, but misinformation can.

As you continue to change the conversation about breast cancer this month, NBCC has plenty of resources to help you make an impact in your community. Visit our Action Center; get On the Clock to show your public support of Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® and get five of your friends to join you On the Clock; sign our petition to the President asking his public commitment to Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®; download the Advocate Toolkit; and use the resources and tools we’ve put together to help you change the conversation. And remember the media is eager to report about breast cancer this month. Send our Letter to the Editor and OpEd to your local newspaper. Let us know how your conversations are going and what we can do to help you be more impactful. Complete this short survey to let us know how you’re changing the conversation in your community.

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