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Call to Action Online - October 2012

Be a Breast Cancer Thought Leader This October

Take advantage of Breast Cancer Awareness Month to help end breast cancer. While we pay attention and take action 12 months of the year, many only do so during October. So throughout the month, NBCC will show you how to challenge the status quo by disseminating thought-provoking and insightful conversations from advocates, scientists, policy makers and leaders through our new Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® blog and Online Center for NBCC Advocacy Training.

Now more than ever, breast cancer advocates need to have a strong voice and take an active role in ending breast cancer by January 2020. We encourage you to learn from these new resources, and also to share the information and engage others in thoughtful, substantive discussions about breast cancer, especially during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Bookmark NBCC’s blog, add a reminder to your calendar, wrap a string around your finger—however you remember, be sure to visit the blog each weekday in October to learn new information about breast cancer, make comments and share with your communities.

About the New Online Center for NBCC Advocacy Training

Breast cancer advocates need to know the facts to actively participate in the mission to end breast cancer by January 1, 2020. To achieve our goal, we need the help of advocates who can ask probing questions, critically assess information, and help push toward new solutions to get us to Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®.

Many of NBCC’s advocates have taken one or more Project LEAD® courses since 1995. Others have attended the Advocate Summit throughout the past 20 years where they have heard outstanding speakers on important topics.

Just in time for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the Center for NBCC Advocacy Training is bringing some of these experiences directly to advocates in a convenient and understandable digital online format.

Aimed at both beginners, and more seasoned advocates, those who want a brief synopsis and those ready to take on more detail, the format has something for everyone. You can tune in to some of the best of NBCC’s Advocate Summit speakers, fascinating plenary discussions, and controversial workshop presentations. The Online Center includes topics in Breast Cancer Science, Breast Cancer Research, Changing the System and Influencing Public Policy.

This October, be a thought leader and share these rich presentations everywhere breast cancer is being discussed.

Let the White House Know We Are Serious! It’s Time to Get Petition Signatures

Nationwide this month, people are focused on breast cancer and the Presidential elections. That makes it an ideal time to meet your goals for NBCC’s Presidential Petition drive.

During Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the weeks leading up to the November Presidential election, you are likely to attend breast cancer events, political rallies and townhall meetings or house parties. Many of you have already signed the Petition to the President, but we need your help mobilizing others to support Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® and our public policy challenge to the President—to make the end of breast cancer a national priority.

Please download the petition and ask your friends, neighbors, colleagues, and members of your communities to sign the petition. Then collect the petitions and send them to us by December 15. Take the opportunity at events this month and just before the Presidential election to ask people who are actively demonstrating their interest in the political process and in ending breast cancer to take meaningful action. Ask them to sign the Petition to the President. Ask them to be part of history— Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®.

Remember, to achieve our goal, we must get the President’s public commitment to making the end of breast cancer a national priority.

NBCC will deliver the signatures to the President shortly after Inauguration Day, asking him to bring this nation's leadership, intellectual and creative forces to bear on a matter of utmost importance to everyone, around the world.

You also may be looking for other resources to assist you in the opportunities certain to come your way to direct a thought provoking, meaningful conversation about breast cancer. We’ve compiled a list of resources for you right here:

Petition Resources

Other Resources

Remember to visit our Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® blog daily during October to get insightful videos and blog entries from advocates.

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