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Call to Action Online - October 2013

It's October! Take Action! Time to Toss Aside "Awareness," "Comfortable" and "Good Enough."

Despite years of campaigns to raise awareness, ever expanding screening programs, increased fundraising efforts and research, we are far from preventing breast cancer or preventing deaths from it.

It is time to end our addiction to comfortable. To easy. To "good enough." We can't afford any more years of the status quo. It's time we take action! That’s what the National Breast Cancer Coalition is doing this October. We are taking action. And we invite you to join us!

This October, NBCC has plenty you can do to help make #BCD2020—that’s Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®—the trending topic in social media and a household word for everyone who wants to see the goals of the deadline met.

 Take these actions in October to help us get closer to the end of breast cancer.

On October 1 and 2, help us make #BCD2020 a trending topic. If you are on Twitter already, tweet and retweet using the hashtag #BCD2020 all day. Ask  your friends to help you by joining you in our campaign to make #BCD2020 a trending topic. If you don’t tweet, watch this Twitter 101 webinar and get started. Together we can trend #BCD2020 and get noticed! Not sure what to tweet? No worries.You can simply retweet what @Deadline2020 is tweeting. Or you can visit our page of tweets and copy/paste as much as you’d like as often as you’d like. 

Tell us your story. As a Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® advocate, you understand that real advocacy means action. Post a video on your favorite social media site —here are ours: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. Tell us what you are doing to help us know how to end breast cancer by the end of the  decade. Remember to include the hashtag #BCD2020 in your post so we can find you easily. Visit us throughout October and see what others are doing. You will be  inspired to act. 

Share one or all of our #BCD2020 “impossible” ads on social media, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, run them in your newsletters, send them  to your newspapers. You can even print them out and distribute them at your October events. 

Submit an OpEd to your local newspaper. Tell them your story. Incorporate your support for Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. If you need help, we’ve got a sample OpEd for you. Just replace the italicized story with your personal story and submit to your newspaper. 

Educate your community about breast cancer facts with this easy to download and distribute Breast Cancer Facts & Figures infographic. Look for them throughout October on our social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube. 

Work with your local radio stations to share these Public Service Announcements (PSA) and get your local personalities to produce these Radio PSA scripts. (Note: PSAs are free airtime donated by television and radio stations to meet the Federal Communications Commission’s public service requirements—so by approaching  your radio stations, you’re helping them. PSAs are a tool for non-profit entities.) 

Show the country—and the world—the breadth and diversity of the breast cancer advocacy community that stands behind Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. Throughout October, recruit organizations in your community to join our growing list of organizations that have officially endorsed Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. 

Ask your public officials to stand behind our movement, too. Use this Public Official Endorsement Form to ask your local elected officials to join the voices saying, “I stand behind Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® and knowing how to end breast cancer by January 1, 2010. 

Make a donation to support the work of Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. You can give directly to NBCC or you can make a donation through our new crowdfunding campaign on RocketHub. Ask others to support the work as well by sharing these links. Why should you give to NBCC? To make it easy for you, click here to  learn why.

Registration is Now Open for the 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit!

It's tough, but it's necessary: be a leader to end breast cancer. Last year NBCC convened a unique gathering of leaders at its Inaugural Advocate Leadership Summit. We are excited to announce the 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit registration pages are now open! And we hope you will set up your summit fund raising pages today and join us in 2014!

At the 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit, we will build on the considerable strengths of leaders and visionaries who are working at every level to achieve Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®.

This extraordinary meeting will offer you ways to:

  • Network with the most highly-committed and motivated group of leaders ever assembled in the world of breast cancer.
  • Interact with scientists, thought leaders, innovators and visionaries in small, intimate groups
  • Get dynamic world class, advanced leadership training.
  • Hear about research on prevention and breast cancer metastasis as well as on cutting edge topics in the areas of systems change and health care delivery.
  • Understand the “Ins and Outs” of Congress.
  • Learn best practices from other leaders who are implementing their state and individual action plans.
  • Develop NBCC’s grassroots strategic planning for year five of Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®.

The 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit will be held in Washington, DC, May 3-6, 2014. Advocates who raise $1,000 in support of the Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®campaign and and commit to being a leader do not pay any registration fees and are provided three nights of shared lodging at the summit hotel.

Like last year, attendance at the summit will be capped at 250 so we can tailor unique opportunities for you to interact with scientists, innovators and public policy leaders. And we want you to bring your ideas to help shape the direction of Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® for the year ahead. Register today to begin your fundraising this month.

 New this year as an alternative for advocates who are unable to attend the full Advocate Leadership Summit or who may not yet be ready to commit to taking on the full leadership role but want to take part in NBCC’s activism, we will offer a 1 ½ day program—Advocacy in Action.

On Tuesday, everyone from the Advocate Leadership Summit and Advocacy in Action will meet with our nation’s decision makers on NBCC’s annual Lobby Day.

We need leaders from all walks of life to help us achieve Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®—and that includes you! Visit our website today for a sneak preview of the program and follow the easy step-by-step instructions on setting up your summit fundraising pages.

Like the National Breast Cancer Coalition, you want to live in a world where no one gets breast cancer and no one dies from it. That’s why you are a leader who supports the global movement to know how to end breast cancer by the end of the decade—Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®. We hope to see you at the 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit!

Register Now for the 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit

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NBCC’s 2014 Advocate Leadership Summit
May 3-6, 2014
Washington, DC
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