National Breast Cancer Coalition

Quality Care

NBCC was an early leader in the quality care field, launching its Quality Care Initiative in 1999 with the goal of increasing access to and improving the quality of breast cancer care for everyone.

The Quality Care Initiative is guided by NBCC's patient-centered, evidence-based vision of quality care. NBCC's quality care vision consists of six overlapping core values:

  • Access to all the care you need when you need it
  • Information that is complete and correct
  • Choice about your doctors and your treatment
  • Respect from everyone in the health care system
  • Accountability so there is a way to fix problems
  • Improvement in the system so breast cancer care continues to get better

Guaranteed Access to Quality Health Care for All
For the past several years, NBCC's grassroots advocates have worked with key stakeholders in the health care system to disseminate our "Framework for a Health Care System Guaranteeing Access to Quality Health Care for All." 

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was passed in March 2010 by both the House and the Senate. It was then signed into law by the President. NBCC supported passage of PPACA which marks an unprecedented step forward and reflects many of the principles and priorities NBCC adopted in our Framework.

One of these principles is consumer involvement at all levels of decision making. NBCC was instrumental in making sure such language was incorporated in PPACA. And as the health care reform implementation process moves forward, NBCC is closely following developments at the federal and state level to ensure that the voices of those living with breast cancer are heard every step of the way.

NBCC educates breast cancer advocates through Quality Care Project LEAD®, first held in 2004.  This four-day advocate training course teaches breast cancer advocates how to create systems-wide improvements in the quality of breast cancer care, focusing on systems change, the structure of the health care system, health services research, tools for measuring what matters, and health care reform efforts.

Graduates of Quality Care Project LEAD® help to shape the national dialogue on quality care issues. They represent NBCC on state, local and national advisory committees and technical panels focused on such topics as quality measurement and clinical guidelines.

Quality Care Project LEAD® graduates help to ensure that the health care system is responsive to the needs of health care consumers as well as the medical and scientific communities, and that decisions regarding benefit packages, insurance reforms, research and other aspects of the health care system are meaningful and will have a positive impact for those on the receiving end of health care—the patients and their families.