National Breast Cancer Coalition

This Is Impossible.

It is. The same way curing polio was impossible. The same way a 4-minute mile was impossible. The same way a man on the moon in nine years was impossible. They are called impossible dreams. They are the most difficult challenges known to humanity. That’s why most people stay away from them. And that’s exactly why we won’t. Our love for our daughters demands that we seek and engage the most difficult battle available to us. Anything less dishonors them. This will be daunting, grueling and intimidating. It will be difficult on a scale no one can possibly imagine. But it’s time we ended our addiction to easy. When President Kennedy launched Apollo, he said that, “We seek to go to the moon and do other things. Not because they are easy, but because they are hard…because that goal will measure the best of our abilities.” We have set this deadline to measure the best of ours.

There’s a difference between what appears impossible and what actually is. Impossible is the guardian of great achievement. It gives itself up to those who call its bluff. To those who can move beyond it. We intend to drive a massive wedge between impossibility and achievement and move into a new world where breast cancer is ended, over and done. Impossible? Bring it on.