National Breast Cancer Coalition

Community Events

Thank you for your interest in NBCC's community event fundraising program. Getting your community involved to raise funds for NBCC is a great way to show your support to end breast cancer.

Our community event fundraising program is for individuals, groups, businesses, schools and clubs—anyone who is interested in raising funds for NBCC by holding events in their community. These events can include walk-a-thons, bike rides, cocktail parties, silent auctions, tea parties or jewelry sales. Many people hold an event in honor of or in memory of a loved one, and others just want to take action for a charitable cause. We always welcome new ideas, so feel free to be creative. After all, it's your event!

Ways NBCC Can Support Your Event:

  • Provide the latest materials on breast cancer, such as fact sheets and brochures.
  • Send you our logo for promotional materials.
  • Provide NBCC pledge forms for attendees.
  • Set up a personal fundraising page.


  • Submit all materials such as promotional flyers, posters, etc., to NBCC for approval.
  • Indicate the portion or anticipated portion of the sale price that is being donated.
  • Make all donations payable to the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund.

If you are interested in holding a community fundraising event, please contact us at