National Breast Cancer Coalition

Corporate Partnerships

NBCC’s Corporate Partnerships provide an invaluable resource to support our mission. Partnering with NBCC is a simple and effective way to give back. Mobilize your workplace to support NBCC. Expand visibility and brand loyalty while providing your business with the opportunity to connect with an important cause that affects 1 in 8 women.

There are many ways that your company can support NBCC, including matching gifts, Corporate Sponsorships, Grants, hosting a fundraiser and naming NBCC the beneficiary and designating a portion of product sales to support NBCC.

What we look for in a partner:

  • Integrity and Transparency: Business in good standing
  • Audience Alignment: Relevant to the lives of women
  • Track record: Successful partnership with non-profits or other community involvement
  • Commitment to the Cause: Dedicated to knowing how to end breast cancer
  • Strong Communication Expertise and Infrastructure 
  • Senior-level Executive Commitment
  • Volunteer Network/Employee Engagement
  • Adherence to Widely Accepted Best Practices for Accountability

  • Why Companies Work with NBCC:

  • Recognized for high-impact programs
  • Respected leader in health and women’s issues
  • Credible, no-nonsense reputation
  • Organizational commitment to innovation
  • Robust roster of partners; not overcrowded
  • Track record of successful partnerships across industries
  • Integrity of organization and leadership 
  • Partnerships can be multidimensional and customized to each company.


    Les Girls Cabaret and NY Gala offer extensive integrated marketing opportunities. Event Sponsorship also provides a platform to connect directly with other corporate partners, NBCC’s major donors and the breast cancer community.

    The audience for Les Girls and New York Gala is composed of a wide variety of individuals from around the United States, including breast cancer patients, survivors, doctors, nurses, celebrities, philanthropists, actors, corporate business leaders and the general public.

    The Advocate Leadership Summit and Project LEAD Institute are NBCC’s education and training programs and give the lay public the knowledge and confidence they need to collaborate with researchers, disseminate evidence-based information to the public, advance informed public policy and push for quality health care in their communities. Sponsorship opportunities are available for each event and your contributions enable NBCC to continue to train breast cancer advocates so they will have a meaningful place at the table where decisions about breast cancer are made.


    Grants from corporations and foundations are vital to NBCC.

    Each year, NBCC is able to come closer to our goal of ending breast cancer, with resources provided through grants. Many of these partnerships begin with an employee referral or introduction. Help NBCC get connected to your place of business! Check with your HR Department, Corporate Giving Group, or Social Responsibility Team, find out which organizations your company supports and tell them about your commitment to NBCC. Make a recommendation that your company support NBCC! Need more information or want to make an introduction? Contact:


    Events provide a fun and visible way to market your partnership with NBCC. These company events can include walk-a-thons, lunch and learns, bike rides, trivia nights, cocktail parties, and silent auctions. Many companies hold an event in honor of or in memory of a colleague, and others just want to take action for a charitable cause. We always welcome new ideas, so feel free to be creative. We are excited to discuss mutually beneficial partnership opportunities and look forward to working with you!

    Interested in a Cause Marketing Campaign? Get more info here.