National Breast Cancer Coalition

Deadline for Signing SASC Letter Extended to Wednesday, July 26

As of July 20th, 54 organizations have signed the letter to Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) Chairman McCain and Ranking Member Jack Reed requesting Sections 733, 891, 892 and 893 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) be removed.  As you may know, Senator McCain’s recent cancer diagnosis will delay action on the bill but for how long, we don’t know. Congress could act at any time. Given the uncertainty, we will need to be ready to act and send the letter at a moment’s notice.

We will extend the deadline for signing the letter to cob Wednesday, July 26th. There is still time to continue this important advocacy. If your group or organization has signed the letter, we thank you! We also ask that you reach out to other groups and encourage them to join in signing this letter so critically important to saving the DOD Breast Cancer Research Program. If your organization has not yet signed the letter, please do so by replying to this email. You can check for your organization’s name here.

Regarding the amendment, given the current situation, we have not yet received language. More to come on that when we do.

As always, thanks for your amazing advocacy!