National Breast Cancer Coalition

Immediate Action Needed to Save DOD BCRP!

We are at the most difficult situation we have ever been in in terms of keeping the DOD program.  The Durbin Amendment did not receive a vote because of McCain's opposition.

At the moment, it is critically important to flood the Washington offices of Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (202.224.2541) and Senator Roy Blunt (202.224.5721) with calls with this message:

I urge Senator McConnell/Blunt to make certain there is a vote on the Durbin-Blunt Amendment #592. Women’s lives depend on it and we are watching! 

Please activate all your networks. Get this message to everyone you know in Kentucky and Missouri and urge them to make calls too. We must flood their offices with calls today and through the weekend (leave a message)! 

Thank you.