National Breast Cancer Coalition

NBCC Statement on Latest ACA Repeal and Replace Proposal

National Breast Cancer Coalition Opposes New Version of ACA Repeal and Replace

Proposed bill takes aim at people with preexisting conditions


Washington, DC – Following the failure of the American Health Care Act, Republicans have proposed an even more dangerous version of healthcare legislation that will eliminate nationwide protections for individuals with preexisting conditions, and strip access to health care for millions of Americans.  

“Many would agree that the Affordable Care Act was a game changer for women and men with, and at risk of, breast cancer who needed access to quality health care,” said NBCC President Fran Visco.  “For those who were barred from coverage due to a preexisting condition, or are enduring repeated bouts of cancer, the ACA has literally saved their lives.” 

In addition to eliminating protections for individuals with a preexisting condition, be it cancer or even a minor chronic ailment, the proposed legislation will raise premiums for millions of consumers, charge older Americans dramatically more for insurance, and end Medicaid expansion. This is especially problematic for women and men with breast cancer as the average age of diagnosis is 60 years old.   

NBCC urges advocates to contact their Members of Congress and voice your opposition to the AHCA. If your legislator has publicly stated their opposition to this bill, let them know you support them