National Breast Cancer Coalition

Tell Your Senators to Vote No

Senators are back in Washington now and preparing to take up health care once again. As you know, Republicans have a new version of the bill that has not been released yet but as we have said—the bill cannot be fixed! Republican Leader McConnell is aiming for a vote on the bill next week.

We need you to keep calling—every day until the vote happens to tell your Republican Senators to vote no.

Continue to call your Republican Senators’ Washington office daily and urge them to oppose any bill that would:

  • increase the number of people without insurance
  • decrease protections for people with pre-existing conditions
  • end the Medicaid expansion or
  • destroy the Medicaid program as we know it.

Tell them to stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Lives depend on it and women and men with, and at risk of, breast cancer are watching. 

Continue to share this email with anyone you know in the key target states below and urge them to call the office daily also with the above message:

Senator Dean Heller (NV)                     202-224-6244 
Senator Susan Collins (ME)                  202-224-2523 
Senator Lisa Murkowski (AK)               202-224-6665  
Senator Shelley Moore Capito (WV)     202-224-6472
Senator Bill Cassidy (LA)                      202-224-5824 
Senator Jeff Flake (AZ)                         202-224-4521
Senator Cory Gardner (CO)                   202-224-5941
Senator Rob Portman (OH)                   202-224-3353 

Click here for additional talking points about the bill’s impact on breast cancer.

Thank you!