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Urgent Action Needed to Save the ACA

We can’t afford to lose focus for one moment. We have an urgent situation happening now. 

It seems that the new strategy in opposition to the Affordable Care Act is chaos.  We are being hit with new horrific proposed changes to the Republican’s bill almost every day.  You have been doing outstanding work convincing Republican targets to oppose the revised and worsening AHCA bill.  Not only are they being chaotic, they are being devious.  Trying to convince us that they DO support care for preexisting conditions, but every new amendment belies their statements. This morning we received word that there is a new attack on preexisting conditions coverage, disguised in funding for high risk pools. Representatives Upton and Long (two members who yesterday publicly stated their opposition to the bill) now have an amendment that would add $8 billion to the bill for high risk pools. This money does not fix the fundamental flaws with the legislation – including over $800 billion in cuts to Medicaid and (100 times more than Upton-Long may add for high risk pools) and the pools themselves will provide little protection for people with pre-existing conditions. 

It’s critical that we call the members on this list and tell them this amendment will not address the pre-existing conditions concern or the other fundamental problems with the legislation.  Please mobilize your networks to call and/or tweet every “no” and “undecided (see status column) person on this list.  Don’t let the opponents to the Affordable Care Act fool you! This is an attack on our health care. 

Below are a few quick talking points for your use.  

Stop your obsession with repealing the Affordable Care Act and stop trying to take away our health care. The latest attempt takes away the guarantee for people with pre-existing conditions, strips coverage from millions and drives up costs for millions more. A measly $8 billion handout isn’t going to change that. Money thrown at “high risk pools” that experts on both sides of the aisle have clearly warned lead to higher costs, fewer benefits and waiting lists rationing care for those with pre-existing conditions is not a solution and will not fool us.   This isn’t what people in America want or need.   

Thank you for your incredible advocacy!