National Breast Cancer Coalition

Urgent Action Needed to Oppose Latest Healthcare Repeal Efforts

New Health Care Proposal Threatens Pre-Existing Condition Protections! 

You need to contact these members of Congress today and tell them to stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA)! 

We have heard there could be a vote on the House floor as early as Saturday. 

Background: Republican leaders have released their latest health care proposal and it’s even worse for consumers, especially those who are the sickest! The proposed changes would get rid of the ACA’s protections for people with pre-existing conditions. It would allow states to:

  • Let insurers charge people higher premiums based on pre-existing conditions
  • Eliminate the ACA law’s essential health benefits requirements that guarantee coverage for things like mental health care, prescription drugs and maternity care 

In addition, the bill contains existing harms that would give huge tax breaks to the wealthy and strip Medicaid funding for the most vulnerable communities. 

We need you to continue making calls to these Republican targets and tell them to oppose this harmful proposal.  It is time to give up on efforts to repeal the ACA. 

Actions Needed: We need our advocates calling these offices to deliver the following message: I am calling to urge Representative _______ do not take away our health care. Oppose any bills that will increase the number of uninsured, decrease federal protections for people with pre-existing conditions and cut Medicaid. Stop trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act that women and men with and at risk of breast cancer need. Lives depend on it and we are watching. 

Click here to find your Representative. 

Tweet at your member of Congress and tell them: Stop trying to repeal the ACA and support Medicaid and people with pre-existing conditions #ProtectOurCare 

It is really important for you to act now and make your calls to these members. As always, thank you for your advocacy