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The Potential of Mitochondrial Genetics in Clinical Trials

Brunie Felding, PhD | The Scripps Research institute

Date: May 5, 2013 | Run Time: 16:25 | Course Level: Advanced

Given where we are now, does a focus on prevention of breast cancer and stopping metastasis hold potential for ending breast cancer? What recent progress has been made in those areas? What are the new emerging ideas that hold potential for overcoming barriers to the goal? Listen to Dr. Brunie Felding from The Scripps Research Institute discuss her research on the mechanisms of tumor metastasis to learn why cells metastasize and where they migrate.

You will learn:

  • New discoveries made concerning the metabolic activity of breast cancer cells.
  • The role of mitochondrial genetics in the aggressiveness of breast cancer cells and the cells’ ability to grow into a tumor.
  • The potential of these results to be translated into a clinical trial setting.

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