National Breast Cancer Coalition

NBCC Successes

  • NBCC’s advocacy has resulted in more than $3.6 billion of new federal dollars for breast cancer research.
  • Created a nationwide, grassroots advocacy network. Today NBCC's membership includes more than 600 member organizations and 60,000 individuals.
  • Brought about the development of an unprecedented multi-million dollar breast cancer research project within the Department of Defense (DOD) that has attracted more than 55,000 research proposals.
  • Through the Department of Defense program, worked vigorously to ensure consumer activist participation at the peer review research table.
  • Breast Cancer Deadline 2020® is centered around strategic summits, catalytic workshops, and collaborative efforts with a multi-disciplinary and diverse group of stakeholders, collectively called the Artemis Project®.
  • Awarded seed grants to allow scientists to begin the research required in key areas identified in the Artemis Project® collaborative efforts.
  • In response to NBCC's 2.6 million signature campaign in 1993, President Clinton met NBCC's demands and committed to a National Action Plan on Breast Cancer, an innovative collaboration of government, science, private industry, and consumers.
  • Established an annual Advocacy Training Conference to train women and men from across the country to become informed, active, and effective advocates of NBCC's legislative agenda. NBCC's annual Lobby Day following the Conference allows members to use their newly acquired skills on Capitol Hill. In 2013, to strengthen the grassroots leadership across the country, NBCC convened a unique summit of leaders for the Inaugural Advocate Leadership Summit. 
  • Launched a breast cancer political campaign, including a 10-plank policy platform, voter registration drive, and voter guide.
  • Initiated a Clinical Trials Project that educates NBCC members on the importance of clinical trials; increases the influence of breast cancer survivors in trial design, access, and accrual; and advocates for public policies to encourage access to trials and mandate insurance coverage of participation in qualified trials.
  • Created Project LEAD® (Leadership, Education, and Advocacy Development), an acclaimed science-based program designed to educate and train breast cancer activists to participate in the breast cancer research processes.
  • Through NBCC's World Conference, brought together breast cancer advocates from around the world to discuss strategies for women to become involved in breast cancer decision making within government, the scientific community and industry.