Get Involved to Stop Breast Cancer

Every 13 minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer.

Today, 110 women will die in the United States, and by year-end that number will exceed 43,000 women and 530 men. Worldwide nearly 685,000 women will die.

These numbers represent our family members, friends, and loved ones. Isn’t it time to Stop the Clock once and for all?

Don’t wait another minute. 

Here are 8 ways to get involved and take action to end breast cancer! 

  1. Join NBCC as a Member. Join with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations fighting to end breast cancer.
  1. Lend Your Voice. Contact your elected officials about today’s top issues. Simply enter your name and address and hit send.
  1. Learn More About Policy Issues. Read our legislative and public policy priorities to learn more about key issues affecting the breast cancer community.
  1. Sign up for Our National Action Network. We’ll send you timely updates about how you can take action.
  1. Become an Advocate for Change. Learn more about breast cancer science by attending one of our education and training opportunities, such as the Annual Advocate Leadership Summit or Project LEAD.
  1. Support Breast Cancer Research. Learn more about the Artemis Project, NBCC’s advocate-led, research collaborative, which focuses on stopping people from getting breast cancer and preventing metastasis, so that people stop dying of it.
  1. Get Educated About the Issues. Breast cancer is a complex disease. NBCC breaks down the most complicated topics, such as screening, drug approval, and treatments.
  1. Make a Donation. Support research, education, and training, and our mission to end breast cancer.

Download the NBCC information kit and find out more.