National Breast Cancer Coalition

Truth #5: Breast cancer mortality rates are declining

TRUE. Breast cancer death rates changed little between 1930 and 1990, but decreased 27% from 1990 to 2005.

Between 1994 and 2003, the mortality rate for women of all races combined declined by 2.4% annually. In white women, breast cancer mortality declined by 2.5% annually. In black women, mortality declined by 1.4% annually during the same period. Some good news, but remember there are still 40,000 women who will die of breast cancer this year.

While these statistics are encouraging -- we don’t actually know why mortality rates decreased. We need more research to figure out what factors led to the reduction in death from breast cancer so that we may continue the downward trend -- and we need to make certain it's the same for all women. We must continue pushing to find out what causes this disease.

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