National Breast Cancer Coalition

Project LEAD® Institute

The Project LEAD® Institute is a six-day intensive science course designed for the lay public to train breast cancer advocates. The course covers the basics of cancer biology, genetics, epidemiology, research design and advocacy, and provides a foundation of scientific knowledge upon which participants can strengthen and empower themselves as activists. Taught by renowned research faculty, this is a unique opportunity for those interested in learning more about working as an NBCC research advocate.

At the Project LEAD® Institute, participants will:

  • Learn the language and concepts of the science of breast cancer, including cancer biology, genetics, genomics and proteomics, the roles of DNA, RNA, and proteins, and the development of cancer at the molecular level;
  • Distinguish between descriptive studies, analytic studies, clinical trials, and meta-analyses, and identify the extent to which each establishes causality;
  • Acquire the skills to critically interpret scientific literature, and to become educated about scientific aspects of breast cancer;
  • Become familiar with the wide range of consumer advocacy opportunities, and how breast cancer research decisions are made;
  • Gain the necessary leadership and advocacy development skills to confidently participate in the scientific community as a breast cancer advocate and a supporter of NBCC'S mission to end breast cancer.

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Project LEAD® is part of the Center for NBCC Advocacy Training. Project LEAD® is a registered trademark of the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, a registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit organization. 

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