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Call to Action Online March 15, 2023

March 15, 2023

NBCC’s Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act Introduced with Bipartisan Support in House and Senate

Both the House and Senate have now introduced the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act for the 118th Congress. The bipartisan legislation, which as of this writing has already gained 101 cosponsors,  eliminates the arbitrary and onerous waiting periods for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and Medicare coverage for those with metastatic breast cancer. Read Senator Murphy’s press release announcing the introduction of the bill in the Senate. Help spur this critical legislation forward by writing to your lawmakers and urging them to pass it now.

NBCC Advocates Launch Effort to Ensure DOD Breast Cancer Research Program Funding

NBCC advocates and staff are currently working closely with House and Senate offices to ensure the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program is funded in full as part of the FY24 congressional appropriations process. As of this writing, dozens of representatives have pledged their support in securing $150 million in level funding for this critical program.

NBCC Introduces 2023 Legislative and Public Policy Priorities

The NBCC Board recently affirmed our 2023 Legislative and Public Policy Priorities. We have set ambitious goals to drive progress on key policies impacting breast cancer. Read about the priorities here and stay tuned for opportunities to take action throughout the year.

Scholarship Deadline THIS WEEK: 2023 NBCC Summit & Lobby Day

Registration and fundraising are open for NBCC’s 2023 Advocate Leadership Summit, May 6-8 in Washington, DC. NBCC’s annual Summit provides unparalleled training and education for advocates who share NBCC’s vision of ending breast cancer. The Summit will feature stimulating speakers, engaging workshops, and advocacy training designed to strengthen your advocacy skills. The program will also feature discussions of the latest scientific approaches to ending breast cancer, as well as in-depth updates from scientists and advocates involved in the Artemis Project.

On Tuesday, May 9, 2023, we will once again host our annual Lobby Day on Capitol Hill. In this uncertain political climate, it is vital that we push even harder to make our mission a reality. Start by registering for the Advocate Leadership Summit today! 

Limited scholarships are available to attend the 2023 Summit. Advocates may apply for up to $400 in travel, hotel, or registration assistance. For more information on scholarships and how to apply, visit the Summit website above. The scholarship application deadline is March 17, 2023 – apply now.

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NBCC increases federal funding for breast cancer research, expands access to quality health care, and works to create breast cancer healthcare policy and system change. Join us, and thousands of NBCC members and advocates, in working to ensure breast cancer remains a priority for Congressional and state policymakers. Become a member or make a gift today.

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