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Call to Action Online – October 18, 2021

October 18, 2021

Project LEAD®: Public Policy

NBCC piloted a new Project LEAD training program, this time in Public Policy. Policy LEAD is designed to educate advocates on public policy theories and implementation. Advocates from across the country traveled into Washington, DC, to learn from top policy faculty about the public policy process.

Since its inception, NBCC has focused its efforts on systems change in the science, healthcare, and policy arenas. Policy LEAD is grounded in NBCC’s approach to public policy and covered philosophies and models of applied policy analysis and strategies to creating, designing, and presenting public policy. Advocates worked in small groups to discuss the foundations of policy analysis and how to develop effective policies.

LEAD faculty included Judith Feder, Ph.D., professor of public policy at the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown University; Charles Herrick, Ph.D., adjunct professor at New York University’s Washington Center; Jeffrey Levi, Ph.D., professor of Health Management & Policy at the Milken Institute of Public Health at the George Washington University; and Sara Collina, J.D., professor in the Women’s and Gender Studies Program at Georgetown University.

Take Action to End Breast Cancer

This October, NBCC, its advocates, and supporters will share actionable ways to change the conversation and advocacy around breast cancer.

We will lose 43,000 women and 530 men to breast cancer in this country alone and more than 685,000 women worldwide this year, and 90% of those deaths will result from metastatic disease. There is no cure for metastatic breast cancer, and the average life expectancy is just three years.

NBCC asks advocates to contact their elected officials to cosponsor the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act, which would eliminate waiting periods for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits and Medicare coverage for eligible individuals with metastatic breast cancer. Visit the NBCC Action Center and urge your Members to cosponsor this lifesaving legislation with just a few clicks.

There are various other ways to take action – by becoming an NBCC member, donating to NBCC, and more. We created an Outreach Guide for advocates to utilize during their efforts this October. Together, we can change the conversation – and move more rapidly toward ending this disease with action.

Upcoming Townhall Meetings Happening Near You

Attention Pennsylvania and Utah advocates: representatives in your states will be holding upcoming town hall meetings. Townhall meetings are a great way to get your voice heard by your Members in the district. Whether virtual or in-person, townhalls offer an additional platform to get NBCC’s public policy priorities in front of legislators. The upcoming town hall meetings are listed below:


On Thursday, October 21, 2021, at 6:00 pm EDT, Rep. Mike Kelly (R-PA-16) will hold a telephone town hall meeting. Get more information here.


On Tuesday, November 9, 2021, at 5:30 pm MST, Rep. Blake Moore (R-UT-01) will hold a Weber County Town Hall meeting in Pleasant View, UT. Get more information here.

On Wednesday, November 10. 2021, at 7:30 pm MST, Rep. Blake Moore (R-UT-01) will hold a Davis County Town Hall meeting in Layton, UT. Get more information here.

Join Us

NBCC increases federal funding for breast cancer research, monitors how research funds are spent, expands access to quality health care, and ensures that trained advocates influence all decisions affecting breast cancer. Join NBCC and thousands of others to keep breast cancer a priority for Congressional and state policymakers. Join our efforts today.