District Office Meeting Resources


Sample Meeting Request: 

Customize this email message including the relevant representative name, any existing relationship you have, and their status as a current or hopeful cosponsor of the MBCACA bill. Let Maggie know if you need help! (mbush@stopbreastcancer.org 


 [I’ve met with you before, I look forward to building a relationship, I have a connection to the office, etc. – whatever is applicable]. I am writing to request a meeting with Rep/Sen [NAME] or you when you are home in the district [preferred dates].  

As a regional leader with the National Breast Cancer Coalition and constituent/resident of STATE/DISTRICT, I would like to [ask Rep/Sen X to consider supporting/thank REP/SEN NAME for his/her past support of] the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act, which has already garnered significant bipartisan support in the 118th Congress. We would love to discuss how REP/ SEN NAME can help ensure the passage of the legislation this year.  

I am available for an in-district meeting [DATES] and would welcome a meeting to discuss NBCC’s public policy priorities at any time convenient to you. Thank you!  

Best, [Your info]