The National Breast Cancer Coalition’s (NBCC’s) Center for Advocacy Training: Become an advocate for change.

NBCC’s mission is to end breast cancer through the power of education, action and advocacy. We have been revolutionizing the breast cancer community since our inception in 1991. As an organization, we have separated ourselves from the pack through our relentless work to support breast cancer research, to set the right scientific priorities and to bring the necessary people together to achieve significant progress in ending breast cancer. We are a dynamic, diverse coalition of hundreds of organizations and tens of thousands of individuals dedicated to giving breast cancer issues a meaningful voice in Washington, D.C., and state capitals, in laboratories and health care institutions and local communities everywhere.

Ensuring the Participation of Educated Patient Advocates in Science Research and All Levels of Health Care Decision Making: NBCC continues to work to ensure that educated patient advocates who represent a constituency have a meaningful seat at the table in all levels of health care decision making, which affects their lives, and we include this as one of our public policy priorities.

Breast cancer advocates who are trained, educated and represent a patient constituency must be meaningfully involved in all aspects of decision making that affect breast cancer research. This is the only way to ensure that funds are effectively spent and adequately address the causes and prevention of breast cancer, develop optimal treatments and cures for breast cancer, and focus on the best possible means to end the disease. Read our full position on advocate involvement.

NBCC works with a wide range of stakeholders, including corporations, industry, government, nongovernment organizations, researchers, scientists, breast cancer patients, caregivers and the public, to help raise awareness about and to end breast cancer. NBCC employs a specific approach to advocacy to ensure that our efforts will have a real impact and serve the best interests of women and men affected by breast cancer

You can join our efforts in a number of ways:

  • Participate in Effective Education and Training: NBCC has been a leader in supplying the education, tools and training that enable patients, survivors and other advocates to take leadership roles in decision making that affects breast cancer research, health care and public policy. NBCC has developed key trainings to ensure advocates are participating in scientific and regulatory decisions, promoting truthful media coverage, pushing for quality care and health care access, and actively working to be agents of action and change in the mission to end breast cancer.
  • Become a Public Policy Advocate: NBCC increases federal funding for breast cancer research, monitors how research funds are spent, expands access to quality health care for all and ensures trained advocates influence all legislative decisions affecting breast cancer. Help keep our mission to end breast cancer a priority for congressional and state policy-makers.
  • Become a Member: Join a network of hundreds of groups and tens of thousands of grassroots advocates working to end breast cancer through advocacy, education and influence.
  • Make a Donation: Funding helps all NBCC’s programs—research, education and training and advocacy—and helps to ensure an even greater number of people are able to better advocate for themselves and others to improve health outcomes to end breast cancer.
  • Join Our Information Network: Get informed with evidence-based science information with updates from our education, program and public policy teams.