NBCC Advocate Leadership Summit Highlights in Photos

NBCC President Fran Visco and Dr. Susan Love discuss the history of NBCC and the breast cancer advocacy movement.

Experts discussing health disparities and their role as obstacles to care on Summit panel.

Panel on how the Biden Administration is talking about issues critical to NBCC’s policy agenda.

Dr. Nathan Wang talks on a panel about mRNA vaccines, moderated by NBCC advocate Nancy Ryan.

Dr. Sara Hurvitz discusses the role of CDK4/6 inhibitors in breast cancer and the emerging data from clinical trials.

Summit panel on engaging with members of Congress.

Summit panel on how to navigate the narrowly divided Congress through breast cancer advocacy.

Dr. Matt Hepburn, Pat Haugen, and Dr. Robert Cook-Deegan discuss how we can bring the “Warp Speed Science” approach to cancer research.

NBCC Summit participants hear from Dr. Sara Tolaney about her work and experience with PD1/PDL1 inhibitors in breast cancer therapy. 

First Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden speaks virtually at the NBCC Summit.