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Statement to Capitol Hill: NBCC and Our Democracy

January 7, 2021

The National Breast Cancer Coalition’s advocates are deeply shocked by the shameful attack on our democracy on January 6. As citizen advocates, our members regularly walk the halls of the Capitol, stand on the steps, and stroll the plaza. We are there to change the world for the better. This week’s insurrection was the antithesis of what we stand for.

Since NBCC’s founding in 1991, our mission has been to end breast cancer through the power of action and advocacy. On behalf of NBCC and our nationwide network of organizations and individuals, we thank you for your tireless work on behalf of all of us. NBCC is committed to continuing to mobilize advocates to end breast cancer. We will continue to engage in a meaningful dialogue and collaboration with Congress and a new White House to make our mission a reality.

We are ready to support you in the effort that we all must now make to repair and strengthen our democracy. We will not let the memory of January 6 do anything other than increase our resolve.

Fran Visco
President, NBCC