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NBCC Launches Its 13 Minutes Campaign to Stop the Clock on Breast Cancer

September 17, 2020

Every 13 minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer.

Ahead of October, the National Breast Coalition (NBCC) is proud to launch its 13 Minutes Campaign. This digital initiative that urges advocates and the public to help us “Stop The Clock” on breast cancer once and for all.

From today through the end of October, NBCC, its advocates, and supporters will be share actionable ways to #StopTheClock across social media.

In 2020, 42,170 women will die of breast cancer in the United States, and 90% of those deaths will result from metastatic disease, which is cancer that has spread from the breast to the bones, lungs, or other parts of the body. There is no cure, and the average life expectancy is just three years.

The Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act (S.1374/H.R. 2178) would eliminate waiting periods for social security disability insurance benefits (SSDI) and Medicare coverage for eligible individuals with metastatic breast cancer. To date, 173 members of the House of Representatives and 21 Senators have signed on as cosponsors. The clock is ticking, and those with metastatic breast cancer simply do not have time to wait.

Breast cancer takes lives every month, every day, every 13 minutes. This October, NBCC encourages breast cancer survivors, advocates, patients, and their loved ones to contact their elected officials to cosponsor the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act.

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Every thirteen minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer.

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