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NBCC Statement re: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization

July 13, 2022

Since NBCC’s founding in 1991, our mission has been to end breast cancer through the power of action and advocacy. On behalf of NBCC and our nationwide network we believe the recent Supreme Court decision to overturn Roe V. Wade creates a risk to individuals with breast cancer.

Cancer care requires certain treatments that can pose a risk to both the fetus and the mother. For this reason, individuals with breast cancer who might be pregnant must remain able to make critical treatment decisions. They should not be denied potentially life-saving care. Health professionals should not fear legal action for offering evidence-based medical advice and care to their patients.

All people should have access to the full spectrum of comprehensive, evidence-based health care and we oppose efforts to limit or remove an individual’s right to access the essential cancer care they need.

NBCC’s network of breast cancer advocates from across the country will continue its fight to defend and expand access to all evidence-based healthcare for everyone.

Founded in 1991, NBCC is a collaboration of activists, survivors, researchers, policymakers, grassroots groups, and national organizations that have come together as disruptive innovators for social change with a mission to end breast cancer.