Sample Town Hall Meeting Questions

Sample questions to ask members of Congress at town hall meetings  

(Tip: ensure your group is clear on who will be asking questions on behalf of NBCC; this should be a Team Leader!) Be sure to ask succinct and specific questions, and mention your affiliation with NBCC, if you have the opportunity!  

    1. FOR MEMBERS WHO HAVE SUPPORTED MBCACA: Thank you for supporting efforts to end breast cancer, including your public support for level funding for the BCRP/cosponsoring the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act. How can we continue to build support for these critical issues in the current Congress? Is there something you can do to help us get additional members of Congress to support this legislation, which will provide health care access to metastatic breast cancer patients and their families in our district?
    2. FOR MEMBERS WHO HAVE NOT SUPPORTED MBCACA: On behalf of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, we ask you to please cosponsor the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act, which would waive the arbitrary waiting period for individuals under 65 and diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer who already qualify for the benefits. People are dying and families are devastated while waiting for benefits they already qualify for; can you support our work to right this wrong?