Securing New MBCACA Cosponsors through NBCC Advocacy

Using the power of media, NBCC advocates across the country are urging their elected officials to cosponsor the Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act (MBCACA)– and are succeeding.

The MBCACA (H.R. 549; S.663) would waive the lengthy and arbitrary waiting periods for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (5 months) and Medicare (24 months) faced by eligible individuals with metastatic breast cancer.

Read NBCC’s advocates’ powerful letters to their local media outlets below, and get inspired to learn more about getting involved in NBCC advocacy and supporting the MBCACA.

"Alaska senators should back breast cancer bill."

Anchorage Daily News:

As a breast cancer survivor and advocate who was diagnosed at 34 years old and who has two young kids, I know how devastating breast cancer can be. That’s why I call on Murkowski and Sullivan to cosponsor S.663.

NBCC Advocate Carey Carpenter
March 15, 2024

"Close the loophole keeping breast cancer patients from the health care they qualify for."

Salt Lake Tribune:

My cousin Tarina and her family would have benefited from this legislation, which would have granted her care she was already qualified to receive. Instead, she was forced to work up until just days before she entered hospice, just so she could afford insurance to pay for her medication.

NBCC Advocate Denise Smith
March 10, 2024

"Collins’ support needed by breast cancer patients."

Portland Press Herald:

The legislation has strong bipartisan support in Congress, but Sen. Collins has yet to sign on despite having supported it in years past. I urge her to join Sen. King in co-sponsoring it now.

NBCC Advocate Laurel Bezanson
April 13, 2024


Update: Soon after publication, Senator Susan Collins informed us of her intention to cosponsor.  

"All Tennessee Congress members should support cancer bill."

The Tennessean (PDF):

There are too many women and men in this country who have to deal with how to pay for treatment and how to support their families while they are dealing with metastatic breast cancer.

NBCC Advocate Sylvia Cappellino
March 24, 2024

"We want our CT congressional leaders to take action."

Hartford Courant:

The legislation has strong bipartisan support in Congress, yet Congressman Larson has yet to join his congressional colleagues and sign on in support of this.

NBCC Advocate Marie Borner and Marama Pramanik
April 30, 2024

"Scott, Rubio urged to support Metastatic Breast Cancer Access to Care Act."

Tallahassee Democrat (PDF):

Before they face the ballot box, our representatives in Washington have an important opportunity to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Floridians impacted by breast cancer.

NBCC Advocate Judy Perkins
April 11, 2024