The Carol Vance Wall Artemis Fund

Join us to pay tribute to the extraordinary Carol Vance Wall, philanthropist, advocate, friend and NBCC leader.

A Message from NBCC President, Fran Visco:

Carol Wall found NBCC just as we were born and soon after her breast cancer diagnosis. And NBCC will be forever grateful. She was our first “major” donor and stayed with us for more than 30 years becoming our most major supporter. I vividly remember my first meeting with Carol, in New York. She arrived with a huge smile and a check. At first, I was intimidated by her elegance and grace and very quickly I realized she was a down to earth, funny, brilliant woman with a huge heart.

She was my dear friend and an NBCC supporter and leader until her death from metastatic breast cancer in June 2022. Carol sat on NBCC’s Board of Trustees, chaired our Major Donor Council, and acted as my advisor and confidante. Carol knew when it was time for NBCC to hire a development professional, and she made a grant so to allow us to fill that position. When it was clear we needed full time leadership, Carol made that happen.

She chaired many NBCC campaigns and events, and became the prime sponsor of Project LEAD. Carol followed science and understood it at a level that few other advocates could match. She believed in and supported NBCC’s Artemis Project and often gave input to the work planned by Artemis scientists.

Carol was the best. I have great memories of her not only explaining science to me, but also giving me the dating history of celebrities we both liked. She was fun. And funny. And gorgeous and real.

Carol made connections with policy makers for NBCC, added her voice to our advocacy whenever asked and expanded our advocate and supporter network. There isn’t one aspect of NBCC that Carol was not involved in. Over the past 30 years of NBCC I have met many people from all different backgrounds and from all around the world. No one was like Carol. She was beyond amazing. So kind, her compassion was unmatched. Whenever we lost another NBCC leader to breast cancer, Carol was the first one to call.

She gave so much of herself in every possible way and asked for nothing in return. She had such grace and elegance and at the same time a great, dry sense of humor. NBCC would not be the organization it is without Carol.

Carol believed strongly in NBCC’s Artemis Project. In honor of Carol and in celebration of her life, NBCC, together with her family, has launched The Carol Vance Wall Artemis Fund.

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