Learning Management System (LMS)

The National Breast Cancer Coalition now offers an exciting tool for LEAD graduates’ continuing education.  

Our online Learning Management System (LMS), hosted by Talent LMS, features: 

  • Exclusive educational content for Project LEAD grads 
  • A variety of learning modules focused on topics including clinical trial design, breast cancer research models, critical appraisal of cancer research, ethics in clinical trials, and more 
  • Interactive, asynchronous course design that suits the learner’s own pace 
  • New modules added on a regular basis 


Access Requirements 

In order to access the LMS and its content, you must be: 

  • A graduate of Project LEAD 
  • Current member of NBCC 

If you have not attended Project LEAD, please consider applying to join us at our next in-person training. If you are not a current member of NBCC or your membership is out of date, you can update it here. 

To sign up for the LMS, please complete the registration form. An NBCC staff member will then review your request and reach out to you with your log-in credentials. Please allow up to 48 hours to complete this process. If you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties, please contact Skye Wilson at swilson@stopbreastcancer.org