NBCC Virtual Advocate Leadership Summit FAQ


How will I Access the 2021 Virtual Advocate Leadership Summit?

The Virtual Advocate Leadership Summit will be held via the Socio event platform. This platform will live stream every session and provide you with opportunities to connect with your fellow attendees. Socio also allows you to create your own agenda. Unlike last year, this platform hosts every aspect of the conference—all in one place.

When will I receive instructions on how to attend the Virtual Summit?

One week before the Summit, registrants will receive instructions, on how to access the Socio event platform and Virtual Summit. Instructions will be sent to the e-mail used for registration.

Who attends the Virtual Summit?

The Summit is attended by advocate leaders and breast cancer survivors from across the country who wish to hone their skills and become more effective in their work to end breast cancer. Participants either attend with their local advocacy groups or as individuals looking to network and become involved.

Will there be networking opportunities at the Virtual Summit?

Yes. Attendees will have the chance to meet and interact with fellow advocates from across the country. Discussion sessions and one-on-one online networking opportunities can be found within the Socio event platform.

Will sessions at the Virtual Summit be recorded and available on-demand?

Yes, your registration fee includes the “on-demand” feature, so you can access any session using the event platform during, or up to three months following, the Virtual Summit.

Will I be able to interact with the presenters during the sessions?

Yes, the speakers will be available to answer questions during each session, and you will be invited to interactive speaker meet-ups.

What kind of software do I need to participate in the Virtual Summit?

You will need a device, such as a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile phone that is connected to the Internet.

Will the traditional Project LEAD Advanced Topic Session still take place?

Yes. We have reserved time in the Summit schedule for an Advanced Topic Session, which will take place on Friday, May 14. This session is open to those who are Project LEAD graduates.


Is there a registration deadline?

Registration is open through the beginning of the Virtual Summit, and you may register at any time.

Do you accept checks for the Champion Fundraising effort, and how do I get them to you?

Yes, checks can be made payable to NBCC and mailed to: National Breast Cancer Coalition, 2001 L Street, NW, Suite 500  PMB#50111, Washington, DC 20036. Please include a cover note indicating your name and that the checks are to be credited to your Champion Fundraising effort.

How does the “Bring A Leader Discount” work?

If you bring a new advocate leader with you to the Summit, you will both receive $25 off your registration fee, bringing the total to $125 per person. A new advocate leader is anyone who has not attended an NBCC Advocate Leadership Summit in the past or since 2013. When you register, you will be asked to provide the name of the person you have paired with to access the “Bring a Leader Discount.”

Lobby Day

What is Virtual Lobby Day?

Virtual Lobby Day is NBCC’s annual advocacy day. Advocates from across the country meet with their House and Senate representatives remotely, under NBCC’s leadership, to urge them to support our legislative and public policy priorities as we fight to end breast cancer. This year, Virtual Lobby Day will be held on Tuesday, May 18.

How do I prepare?

Your state Field Coordinator will reach out to you directly after you have registered to walk you through the process.

On Monday, May 17, there will be a Lobby Day Briefing where you will learn more about NBCC’s 2021 Legislative and Public Policy Priorities and what specifically should be asked of your representatives. You will receive tips, tools, and guidelines on what to say during the meetings. On this day, you will also meet with your state delegation, and your Field Coordinator and Team Leaders will go over the schedule and strategies in preparation for Lobby Day.

Who schedules the meetings?

Meetings with representatives are scheduled by the Field Coordinators for each state in partnership with NBCC staff. You will receive a schedule of your state delegation’s meetings during the Summit.

Can I attend Lobby Day, but not the Summit or vice versa?

Yes. For more information on attending lobby day only, contact Jessica Francis at jfrancis@www.stopbreastcancer.org.

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