Beyond Borders Breast Cancer Project

We aim to bring NBCC’s unique and well-respected science-based advocacy to the global arena to ensure that breast cancer research everywhere is ethical, efficient, effective, and useful. The project has three components:

Online International Community 

NBCC’s LEAD Grads Online is an exclusive online community designed to keep graduates energized and engaged. International advocates have always been welcome to join in debates and share information alongside our domestic advocates. But now NBCC has developed the Beyond Borders Advocate Network, which includes a separate online forum and a range of resources specific to international concerns.

A Global Clinical Trials Continuing Education Program

In addition to encouraging dialogue, NBCC offers an international webinar series specifically focused on international research. Topics include clinical trial design, ethics, and international regulation of clinical trials, as well as in-depth reviews of specific trials of interest.

Mentorship For Emerging Leaders

Beyond Borders is working closely with emerging international leaders and providing them with additional support. We are expanding our existing national mentor program to connect new international advocates with more experienced advocates in their region. We are also involving key advocates in the development and implementation of our international training programs.