Clinical Trials Project LEAD®

Clinical Trials Project LEAD® was a four-day advanced course open to graduates of the Project LEAD® Institute.

The course focused on understanding and improving breast cancer clinical trials research. This course, part of NBCC’s Clinical Trials Initiative, trained advocates to participate in all levels of the clinical trials process from evaluating trial design to serving on Institutional Review Boards and Data Safety Monitoring Boards.

At Clinical Trials Project LEAD®, participants:

  • Became familiar with the drug development process and key terms such as accelerated approval and surrogate endpoints
  • Learned about the purpose, design, and endpoints associated with different types of clinical trials
  • Explored the similarities and differences in issues of clinical trials in the metastatic, adjuvant, and preventive settings
  • Acquired the skills to critically evaluate research protocols
  • Understood ethical issues in clinical trials such as autonomy, beneficence, and justice
  • Discussed the intersection of current trends in clinical trials politics and methodology with advocacy

Clinical Trials Project LEAD® graduates have represented NBCC in research partnerships, at scientific conferences, and in other research settings.