Quality Care Project LEAD®

Quality Care Project LEAD® was a four-day course that taught breast cancer advocates how to improve the quality of health care for everyone through systems change. This course, part of NBCC’s Quality Care Initiative, built upon our vision of quality care to provide advocates the tools to identify opportunities and develop strategies for improving the quality of health care in their communities.

At Quality Care Project LEAD®, participants:

  • Became familiar with the science, language, and concepts used in the quality care field
  • Learned the types, levels, and sources of evidence used in breast cancer care, and where the gaps in evidence are
  • Understood the design and methodology of health services research used in measuring what matters in quality care
  • Explored the US health care system structure and advocates’ role in systems change
  • Heard about NBCC’s vision of quality care and acquired tools to achieve it

Graduates of Quality Care Project LEAD® helped shape the national dialogue on quality care issues. They represented NBCC on state, local, and national advisory committees and technical panels focused on such topics as quality measurement and clinical guidelines.

As we continue to work with key stakeholders in the health care system on our public policy priority, Guaranteed Access to Quality Health Care for All, trained advocates will help implement health care reform legislation nationally and locally and ensure that these efforts adhere to our quality care principles.