Team Leader Training

Team Leader Training

By invitation only.

Team Leader Training prepares grassroots leaders to work through the annual legislative and public policy agenda of NBCC. Substantive instruction in each priority readies grassroots advocates to serve as delegation leaders for the NBCC spring Lobby Day meetings held on Capitol Hill.

Through an intensive training program, activists gain familiarity with NBCC’s agenda, experience in advocating for breast cancer issues at the national level, and the ability to talk about and take charge of the agenda when leading a delegation on Capitol Hill. Participants are trained in techniques and strategies for effective lobbying.

The goal of Team Leader Training is to build a cadre of NBCC activists familiar with and committed to advancing NBCC’s agenda for an entire session of Congress. These individuals have the ability to discuss NBCC’s agenda with members and their staff and are willing to advocate for the agenda wherever there is a need during NBCC’s annual Washington Lobby Day and in their states throughout the year.

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