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Breast cancer is a political issue. That is why we need you to be a part of NBCC public policy advocacy and our activism around the 2020 presidential elections. Since NBCC’s inception in 1991, we have been the leading political activists on breast cancer. We set a legislative and public policy agenda, educate our members and policy makers about it and push to have it enacted. From increasing the amount of breast cancer research funding to ensuring better access to treatment, NBCC has successfully challenged our federal officials to play a role in ending breast cancer. Each presidential election cycle, NBCC conducts a campaign to educate the candidates about the meaningful public policy approaches necessary to end breast cancer and to give them an opportunity to show their support for our mission. We inform the public about where the candidates stand on NBCC's agenda.

For the 2020 elections, NBCC asks each candidate to endorse the NBCC policy platform and explain what actions they will take on related public policy priorities. NBCC activists intend to hold candidates to their promises and we are once again ready to push for the initiatives needed to achieve our mission to end breast cancer.

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Breast Cancer Caucus is a project of the National Breast Cancer Coalition, an IRS 501(c)(4) organization, that lobbies Congress and other decision makers for public policies that impact breast cancer research, diagnosis and treatment.