Advocates in Action

Tell Us Your Advocacy Story

NBCC advocates are fierce! Through training, education, and networking, NBCC advocates have influenced policy on both the local and national levels, pushed for access to healthcare for all, and supported research focused on ending breast cancer. We are focused on the day when breast cancer is over and done. Impossible We don’t think so.

We are part of NBCC for a reason, and that reason is different for each of you. You may be a survivor or the family member of someone who has breast cancer or has lost their life to breast cancer. Or, another reason entirely. We need your stories. Why are you an NBCC advocate? We need to expand our advocate outreach if we are going to achieve our mission. Sharing your BOLD personal advocacy story can motivate others to get involved, drive progress, influence policy and change the future. We want to share your story with others so they, too, can become a catalyst in our fight to end breast cancer. Let them know it is not only possible to change the world, but that each one of us can help make that happen. We all have a story.

Tell Your Story