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In ASCO Daily News: “Common Sense Oncology Aims to Elevate Equity and Accessibility in Cancer Care”

May 14, 2024

“The words ‘common sense’ and ‘oncology’ would seem to go hand-in-hand, but a growing number of clinicians and patients say that a healthy dose of the former is needed to make cancer care more equitable and patient-centered.”

In an education session at the upcoming 2024 ASCO Annual Meeting, NBCC Chief Programs Officer Michelle Tregear will discuss patient needs and perspectives about which treatments make a difference.

“For me, that means involving patients in the design, implementation, and reporting of clinical trials. At NBCC, we do a lot of training for patient advocates so they can be empowered to demand these kinds of changes to clinical trials,” Tregear told ASCO Daily News.

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