National Breast Cancer Coalition

Project LEAD

About the Project LEAD® Programs

Housed within the Center for NBCC Advocacy Training, Project LEAD® is the National Breast Cancer Coalition’s premier science training program for activists that has created a revolution in the world of breast cancer research and public policy. The courses prepare graduates to engage in the wide range of local and national forums where breast cancer decisions are made. Project LEAD® graduates bring an educated consumer perspective and critical thinking skills to the important issues and controversies in breast cancer.

As a result of NBCC's work, scientists, government agencies and private industry have changed the way they design and implement breast cancer research and programs. NBCC has created a model for consumer influence marked by transparency, innovation and a peer relationship among scientists, researchers, policymakers and consumers nationwide.

What is Expected of Project LEAD® Graduates?

The graduates of Project LEAD® courses work in all aspects of breast cancer-related research, quality care improvement and decision-making based on evidence-based healthcare.

Project LEAD® graduates engage in these and other activities:

  • Partner with scientists to design breast cancer research
  • Become involved with clinical trials on protocol committees, DSMB’s, helping educate the public about participating in trials
  • Write articles and commentary on breast cancer issues
  • Present work at scientific conferences and meetings
  • Review breast cancer research proposals for the Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program and other research panels
  • Serve on decision-making boards of local, state and national organizations, committees and Institutional Review Boards

Project LEAD® Course Offerings

NBCC offers a variety of Project LEAD® courses that prepare advocates to engage and effectively influence breast cancer decision-making in research, quality care and community settings. They range from shorter introductory courses open to all, to longer intensive courses involving a competitive application process. Graduates join LEADgrads Online, a nationwide Project LEAD® web-based network that provides ongoing support and a forum to exchange ideas with graduates around the country and internationally. Project LEAD® courses include the following:

Project LEAD® Institute
Offered annually in July, this intensive six-day course teaches advocates the language and concepts of science with a focus on the biology of breast cancer, genetics, epidemiology, research design and advocacy. For more information, see our Frequently Asked Questions. Apply here.

Project LEAD® Workshop
The Project LEAD® workshop is a two-day training program for advocates interested in an introductory education in the science of breast cancer, research design, advocacy and understanding medical news in the media.

Clinical Trials Project LEAD®
This four-day advanced course for Project LEAD® Institute graduates only focuses on the structure of clinical trials, the ethics and regulatory aspects, and methods for improving the design and outcomes of breast cancer clinical trials research.

Project LEAD® is a registered trademark of the National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, a registered 501(c)(3) tax-deductible nonprofit organization.