National Breast Cancer Coalition

NBCC's Center for Advocacy Training

Making a Difference

NBCC's Center for Advocacy Training is the umbrella for NBCC’s education and training programs that give the lay public the knowledge and confidence they need to collaborate with researchers, disseminate evidence-based information to the public, advance informed public policy and push for quality health care in their communities. All courses are offered at no cost to the attendee. You can make a difference. Your commitment and contribution enable us to continue to train breast cancer advocates so they will have a meaningful place at the table where decisions about breast cancer are made.

The Annual Advocate Leadership Summit is an intensive three-day training course to provide attendees with as well as tools and tactics for playing a leadership role within the breast cancer community.

While NBCC offers in-person courses several times each year, the Online Center for Advocacy Training brings NBCC’s training directly to advocates—whether beginner or advanced learners—in a convenient and immediate digital format.

Project LEAD® Workshops teach entry-level students how to be critical thinkers and how to assess the breast cancer science and research reported in the media. These two-and-one-half-day workshops introduce the fundamentals of breast cancer biology, research design and NBCC’s brand of advocacy.

The intensive six-day Project LEAD® Institute develops critical appraisal skills and gives participants  tools to interpret scientific literature and leadership skills to help shape the NBCC agenda and collaborate with scientists.

Clinical Trials Project LEAD® provides advanced, intensive training for graduates of Project LEAD® in the key aspects of clinical trial design, implementation and oversight. Graduates of this course participate in NBCC’s Clinical Trials Initiative and represent NBCC in our clinical trials partnerships.

After completion of the formal Project LEAD® trainings, graduates have the opportunity to further their scientific and research involvement through Continuing Education for Project LEAD® Graduates.
Team Leader Training prepares grassroots leaders to forward the public policy goals of NBCC.