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Education & Training

Center for Advocacy Training: Become an Advocate for Change.


NBCC’s organizational mandate is to train and develop a strong, knowledgeable nationwide network of breast cancer advocates.

NBCC’s Center for Advocacy Training has developed programs to teach breast cancer activists the strategic and evidence-based approach to advocacy that NBCC has pioneered. By offering world-class, targeted training in breast cancer science and public policy, the center readies breast cancer advocates to become agents of action and change in the mission to eradicate breast cancer.

NBCC encourages all those concerned about breast cancer to become advocates for action and change.

Who is it for?

The Center for Advocacy Training offers programs at all skill and experience levels that are taught by outstanding faculty from renowned research and academic institutions.

Participants will:

  • Develop tools to advocate for critical breast cancer issues.
  • Learn the legislative process and how to influence public policy.
  • Participate in legislative, scientific and policy decision making.

Graduates will:

  • Collaborate with leading breast cancer scientists.
  • Speak out on breast cancer research and quality care issues.
  • Review breast cancer research proposals.
  • Serve on local, state and national panels; committees; and institutional review boards.
  • Push for quality care and health care access to better serve their communities.

Attend NBCC’s Advocate Leadership Summit

NBCC’s Advocate Leadership Summit is an annual gathering of breast cancer advocates from across the country and around the world. Participants attend sessions on the latest scientific research, training in effective advocacy strategies and presentations by respected researchers in the field, grassroots leaders from around the country and prominent public policy experts.

For more details, please visit our Advocate Leadership Summit page.



Get Trained through Project LEAD

Project LEAD is NBCC’s premier science training program. These intensive courses train lay advocates in the fundamentals of breast cancer science, research design and the critical-thinking skills needed to participate in the decision-making process.

Learn more about Project LEAD here.

Participate in Educational Webinars

NBCC offers a variety of live webinars throughout the year, focusing on a range of topics including research, clinical trial design, the basics of breast cancer science, research advocacy, breast cancer public policy, and more. These online trainings are intended for current members of NBCC.   

Find out more about our upcoming webinars here

Join our Nationwide Network of Advocates

Our advocacy training programs prepare grassroots leaders to work toward ending breast cancer through NBCC’s annual legislative and public policy agenda. Substantive instruction in NBCC priority issues readies grassroots advocates to serve as delegation leaders for the NBCC Washington Lobby Days and other important actions.  

If you’re interested in bringing your advocacy skills to the next level, reach out to Maggie Bush ( and share your interest in joining our Public Policy Academy, a training series designed to empower our next generation of NBCC advocates. Individuals who complete the Public Policy Academy are eligible to be considered for Team Leader and other senior positions within our grassroots network.  

Team Leaders 

Through an annual intensive training program called Team Leader Training, experienced activists gain familiarity with NBCC’s agenda, experience in advocating for breast cancer issues at the national level, and the ability to talk about and take charge of the agenda when leading a delegation on Capitol Hill. Participants are trained in techniques and strategies for effective lobbying. 

These individuals can discuss NBCC’s agenda with members and their staffs and are willing to advocate for the agenda wherever there is a need during NBCC’s annual Washington Lobby Day and in their states throughout the year. 

For more information on our Public Policy Academy and Team Leader training, e-mail us at 

NBCC’s Center for Advocacy Training Online

NBCC’s Center for Advocacy Training is pleased to bring you the best of its presentations from the summits, workshops and Project LEAD®. Watch, learn, share and use what you discover to disrupt the status quo for positive social change. Join us as we push ourselves to ask the tough questions, challenge scientists, tell the truth, lobby for research funding and access to care and push for what will save lives. All for the greater good. Working together, every lesson we learn spreads faster; every breakthrough we make goes further. And every effort brings us close to our goal of ending breast cancer.

Click here to view NBCC’s exclusive PCOR-focused trainings.

Advocate Leadership Summit

The Advocate Leadership Summit is filled with speakers, topics, skill building, message training and strategic planning to help you become a better breast cancer advocate. Hear about research on prevention and breast cancer metastasis as well as on cutting-edge topics in the areas of systems change and health care delivery.

Advocate Leadership Summit Videos

Breast Cancer Deadline 2020®

Below are historical presentations that report on the work of the now-completed Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 initiative and the two areas of research focus for the Artemis Project®: the primary prevention of breast cancer and understanding and preventing metastasis.

View all Breast Cancer Deadline 2020 presentations:

Breast Cancer Research

Below are historical presentations of innovative ideas taking form, research study results and work on the areas of prevention and understanding the causes and prevention of metastasis.

View all Breast Cancer Research presentations:

Breast Cancer Science

Below are presentations on what we know and what we are learning about how breast cancer works, how the different subtypes differ and what that implies for prevention and treatments.

View all Breast Cancer Science presentations:

Changing the System

Below are an array of presentations that challenge the status quo and spotlight the barriers to change; others question the research enterprise and suggest ways of changing it; and others illuminate how even the media plays a part in perpetuating myths and stopping progress.

View all Changing the System presentations:

Influencing Public Policy

Below are presentations that bring fascinating speakers from the political and public policy worlds who impact breast cancer in more subtle ways. They give us insight into how advocates can exert their own influence and perspective on how to get the job done.

View all Influencing Public Policy presentations: